Superuser Reader app for Android available now

Thank you to everyone that has downloaded the OpenStack Superuser Reader for iOS. The OpenStack ecosystem continues to grow, and I hope this app is helping organizations learn about the successes of others as well as where the technology is going in the future.

Download stats

Since the release of the iOS app last December, the OpenStack Superuser Reader has been downloaded over 400 times. The top 5 countries that have brought the most downloads over the last 60 days are:

  1. US – 32%
  2. China – 19%
  3. Germany – 5%
  4. France – 4%
  5. Brazil – 4%

While the average daily downloads is a little over 4, the app has had a few strong days helped by the OpenStack Foundation with mentions on the Superuser blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I update the download stats every few days and anyone is welcome to view.

Android version available now

Since the app has just crossed the 400 downloads mark, I’d like to celebrate by sharing the OpenStack Superuser Reader for Android. It’s available now for free from the Google Play Store and I hope you like it.

In addition to a convenient way to read the latest Superuser articles, you’ll find links to Summit information, Planet OpenStack,, and the ever-growing OpenStack Marketplace.

I’ve tested the app on devices with the help of AppThwack so if you have any problems, or even feature suggestions, please open an issue on GitHub.

Thank you

This app wouldn’t have been possible without the help of many fine people including Lou Franco, Allison Price & the OpenStack Foundation, Sean Roberts, and Nate & Corey at Jones-DilworthAppThwackAppFigures, Bitly, and Buffer also played important roles in development, reporting, and promotion.

A very special thanks goes out to everyone that has downloaded the OpenStack Superuser Reader app as well as shared it with others. If you haven’t installed the app, grab it now from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

Keep working away on Kilo and I’ll see you in Vancouver!

OpenStack Superuser Reader for iOS

OpenStack Superuser

I’m always interested in hearing about individuals and organizations running OpenStack clouds. Like many, I follow Superuser, the OpenStack Foundation’s news resource which focuses on topics such as how-tos, case studies, organizational culture, and vendor management related to OpenStack.

My smartphone is what I most frequently use to read news, but I find that I’m more likely to keep checking an online publication if they have a dedicated app rather than a mobile-friendly version of the content accessible using a mobile browser. Since the Superuser site only provided a mobile-friendly version of the articles, I didn’t check it frequently and sometimes missed posts. Sean Roberts shared similar views at an OpenStack event earlier this year.

Starting today, it’s easier to stay up to date on Superuser articles. Anyone with an iOS device can now read the latest Superuser news using a dedicated app called the OpenStack Superuser Reader.

OpenStack Superuser Reader iOS

I built this app for two reasons:

  • I wanted to learn more about Cordova
  • I wanted an easier way to keep up with the Superuser articles and help others to as well

If you’re interested in OpenStack, here are a few reasons why you should use this app:

I’m planning more enhancements soon including versions for Android and Ubuntu (always looking for testers). If you have any feature suggestions, please submit an issue. You can also contact me on Twitter or irc (mattgriffin on freenode).

Thanks to the early testers of the app, Sean for reinforcing the need, and the OpenStack Foundation for their support.